Bike Repair Request

Bikeland's no contact curbside bike repair drive thur.
For Faster No Contact Curbside Service
Please submit below a bike repair service request prior to coming to a store. A request for a car bike rake can be request below too. Please understand to better ensure everyones health from the pandemic, you may experience some minor calling and wait times.
You Must
  • Wear an acceptable Mask at all times. No Mask, No Service.
  • A masked Technician will greet and help You Outside.
  • If others are in front of you, please be respectful, patient, and always maintain a safer social distance of 10 feet or more. No Maintain Distance, No Service.
  • Also, you can not have a Temperature, Cough, Covid, Pneumonia, the Flu, or exposed to anyone that has in the past 4 weeks.

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