December 4, 2022 Update: Our Caldwell location's new home has now opened. You can come find the same great service you have for the last 30 years under a new roof we're please to call our own. Stop by to find the latest products or drop of your bike for the technical service we've built our reputation on. This holiday season we appreciate your support by shopping locally. We're expanding our services online to keep up with our customers' needs so your next great ride is just a call, a click, or a visit away.

If you're here to order your Police Unity Tour riding gear, please click here.

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If you're looking for the best bike shop for all your bike needs, look no further. Family owned since 1992, Bikeland has become the recommended premier place in town for the best bicycles and professional bike repair. Our bike shops are located near the Short Hills Mall and the Caldwell Center with plenty of free parking.

Covid Restrictions

  • A Mask and 6ft of social distancing is required at all times.
  • No service if you had a temperature, Covid, Pneumonia or the Flu in the past 4 weeks.
  • For curbside and faster bike repair, please make a Go Fast appointment.
(In store Purchase Only & please call to check availability)
Item# Item Price
21075 Haro 16" Shredder Sky Blue Girls Kids Bike 2021 $279.99
21114 Haro 20" Shredder Magenta Girls Kids Bike 2021 $309.99
21171 Haro 24" Shredder Pro Black Kids Bike 2021 $369.99
21246 Haro Leucadia Grey 20.5" Free Style Bike 2021 $379.99
21790 Haro Pistol Grey 24" BMX Bike 2021 $599.99
21793 Haro Pistol Grey 26" BMX Bike 2021 $609.99
21770 Haro Slo-Ride Purple 24" BMX Bike 2021 $549.99
20773 Haro Slo-Ride Gloss Black 26" BMX Bike 2021 $559.99
21911 Haro Stray Avocado 20.5" Free Style Bike 2021 $379.99
21321 Haro Downtown Black 20.5" Free Style Bike 2021 $419.99

PLEASE NOTICE: Due to our high volume of quality affordable bikes and the global shortage of bikes, you'll need to contact or visit your local Bikeland for the latest availability and pricing on all 2021 and 2022 bike models.

Bikeland Master BSE Technician Service Excellence Bikeland Master BSE Technician Service Excellence

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Need a bike repaired, tuned-up, or adjusted to fit U? Established in 1992, Bikeland has become the recommended bike repair shop in town. No appointment is required, and our quotation and friendly advice is FREE of charge.

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Due to covid restrictions, when bringing a bike in for repair or calling, you may experience some wait time. To best avoid this, please make a service appointment for curbside and faster service.

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