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Quality Service

If you are looking for a dependable bike repair shop for all of your bike needs, look no further. Established in 1992, we have become the recommended repairer for bicycles in both Chatham and the Caldwell area. Our shops provide a full range of professional bike tune-ups & repairs, and regardless if you need your Trek bike, Specialized bike or Haro bike fixed, we specialize in providing the best service at the best rates for all makes, models and brands. No appointment is required, and our Quotation and friendly advice is FREE of charge.

Fast Service

Our Reliable Repair Services is commonly done within 3 to 5 business days, or less. While most minor repairs and flats is commonly done while-you-wait. For those in need of much faster service we offer our exclusive 1 to 3 day Express Bike Service for a small additional fee. Due to covid restrictions, when calling or when bringing a bike in for repair, you may experience some wait time. To best avoid this, please make a curbside bike repair appointment.

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Please*Note: Depending on the type of repair, some bikes will require a longer service time than mentioned above.


The ride quality and lifespan of your bike can be affected significantly by out of adjustment and worn parts. Ideally, bringing your bike in for a tune-up regularly is a good idea. When you bring your bike by any of our locations a service technician will happily go over the appropriate tune-up options with you.

Please*Note: All services reflect labor only. Parts and additional services is extra unless noted. Furthermore, all excessively Dirty bikes will incur a washing fee.

Standard Tune-Up

Starts at:$99.99

Our basic tune-up is ideal for a newer bike with light wear. It prepares your bike for safe operation and includes the adjustments of all its basic systems is functional. It includes:

The Following:
Brake cables tensioned
Drivetrain lubed if needed
General safety checkover
Limits adjusted
Connecting bolts checked
Shift cables tensioned
Tires checked for wear
Tires correctly inflated
Wheels true -minor(in bike)

Pro Annual Tune-Up

Starts at:$149.95

Our pro annual tune-up is for the casual to pro cyclist to prepare your bike for another year of use, or when the drivetrain has gunk-up or started to wear out. With this service, we will adjust and make sure all the major systems is clean, safe and functional. It includes everything from the basic tune-up, plus

The Following:
BB adjusted
Braking adjusted
Cables lubricated
Drivetrain cleaned
eBike connectors checked
Frame wiped clean
Hanger aligned
Headset adjusted
Hubs adjusted
Shifting adjusted
Suspension Checked
Tire Tube Stems Aligned
Wheels true and tension
incls labor to replace chain
incls labor to replace gears
incls labor to replace brake pads

Pro Overhaul Tune-Up

Starts at:$269.95

Our pro overhaul tune-up is for bikes in need of a more thorough major servicing. This service includes a complete disassembly, cleaning, and rebuild of all major systems on the bicycle. It includes everything from the pro annual tune-up, plus:

The Following:
BB cleaned & regreased
Braking Bleed
Braking surfaces cleaned
Components clean & lubed
Full bike wash/degrease
Full hub clean and service
Headset clean & regreased
Maj bearings greased/repacked
incls labor to replace additional parts(Wheels excluded)
Repair Menu

Please feel free to bring your bike by any of our locations and a service technician will gladly go over your bike, and discuss the appropriate bike service options and pricing with you. The following is some of the typical bike repairs & services we offer.

Please*Note: All services reflect labor only. Parts and additional services is extra unless noted. Furthermore, all excessively Dirty bikes will incur a washing fee.
(For electric Bike Servicing, we cover Shimano.)

Bag Install
Bell Install
Bottle Cage Install
Car Hitch Install
Car Rack Assembly
Computer Install
Horn Install
Kickstand Install
Light Install
Mirror Install
Rack Install
Reflector Install
Training Wheels
Bike Wash
Bike Wash
Detailed Wash
DriveTrain Cleaning
Brake Adjust
Brake Control Install
Brake Bleeds
Brake Cable Install
Brake Disc Align
Brake Disc Install
Brake Fluid Change
Brake Install
Brake Line Install
Brake Pads Install
Brake Overhauls
Assemble Bike
Build Up From Frame
Strip Frame
BB Adjust
BB Install
BB Overhaul
Belt Install
Cassette Install
Chain Adjust
Chain Install
Chain Lubed
Crankset Install
Crankset Removal
Battery Capacity Test
Display Change
Fault Diagnosis
Firmware Update
Harness Wiring Change
Motor Controller Install
Motor Install
Carbon Wrap Repair
Chainguard Repair
Fender Install
Fender Repair
Frame Guard Install
Frame Guard Repair
Frame Painting
Bar End Install
Bar Tape Install
Cut to Size
Grip Install
HandleBar Install
Stem Install
Axle Install
Hub Adjust
Hub Overhaul
Hub Repair
Express Service
Hourly Rate
Pedal Cleat Install
Pedal Install
Pedal Lubed
Pedal Overhaul
Pedal Magnets Install
Pedal Removal
Toe Clip Install
Baby Seat Install
DropPost Install
DropPost Repair
Saddle Install
Seatpost Install
SeatPost Removal
Derailleur Align
Derailleur Install
Firmware Updates
eShift Install
eShift Repair
Shift Adjust
Shift Cable Install
Shifter Install
Shifter Repair
Box Bike for Freight
Local Delivery
Bike Shipping
Fork CutToSize
Fork Install
Headset Adjust
Headset Install
Headset Overhaul
Fork Install
Fork Service
Rear Shock Install
Rear Shock Service
Suspension Adjust
Suspension Overhaul
Susp•Lockout Install
Susp•Lockout Repair
Basic TuneUp
Pro Annual TuneUp
Pro Overhaul TuneUp
Spoke Replace
Tire Install
Tire Sealant Fill
Tire Tube Install
True Wheel
Wheel Build